Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy

A proved and safe and effective drug-free, surgery-free natural alternative to prescription drugs and other oral ED medications.

  • Increase blood flow and oxygenated hemoglobin
  • Stimulate angiogenesis and new blood Bessel development
  • Increase collagen lay-down in connective tissue
  • Increase nutrient transfer to injured tissues to aid in recovery

No Pills, Better Results

Why put unnecessary substances in your body if it can be avoided? Low intensity shock-wave treatment generates a significant clinical improvement of ED and a significant improvement in penile hemodynamics. The treatment has been proved to be twice as effective, without any adverse side effects.

80% of men with ED who have received Acoustic Wave Therapy and noticed sexual improvement, stopped taking oral ED drugs.

The Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

  • Many men with mild ED or even some with no ED symptoms at all take these medications simply as supplements to ensure strong sexual performance.
  • Men with severe ED are candidates for micro-penile injections comprised of three or four vaso dilators. These medications have no side effects as compared to the oral varieties.
  • There is now a potential cure available. At Theriwave, we use Acoustic Wave Therapy to open existing blood vessels, grow new blood vessels and stimulate stem cells to grow new erectile tissue (Corpus Cavernosum) in the penis.
  • Depending on a man’s overall health and preexisting conditions, this noninvasive treatment option will greatly alter the landscape in the treatment of E.D.
  • Independent published research papers have proven its safety and efficacy with 86% of men saying they would recommend it to a friend.
  • Independent published resWe believe that this could roll back the clock for most men, allowing men of ages up to 80, even 90 to perform as they did in their more virile years.

Improve Erectile Function

Good blood flow is essential. As you get older, blood vessels that supply blood to your penis begin to close and decay. With the use of Acoustic Wave Therapy, gently pulsating waves promote increased blood flow to the penis by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. The improvement in blood flow results in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections. The pulsating waves also trigger a healing response that “wakes-up” dormant cells and growth factors in the penis. The release of these “growth factors” also stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, as well as the rejuvenation of erectile tissue.

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